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Classic Finishes

C11 Shadow
C12 Natural Wax
C13 Merlot
C14 Country Chestnut
C15 Olde Verde Pine
C16 Antique Fruitwood
C17 Antique Pine
C18 Harvest Walnut
C19 Austrian Cherry
C20 Cappucino
C21 Chardonnay
C22 Bittersweet
C23 Tiffany
C24 Rouge
C25 Connoisseur
C26 Caoba
C27 Persimmon
C28 Espresso
Custom Finish

Premium Finishes

P29 Distressed Bark
P30 Old World Butternut
P31 Aged Timber
P32 Thunderwood
P33 Rain Forest
P34 Worn Parchment
P35 Coral Reef
P36 Distressed Ebony Wash
P37 Fossil
P38 Aspen
P39 Scrubbed Gold
P40 Blackened Redwood
P41 Brazil
P42 Antique Rosewood
P43 Primavera
P44 French Blue
P45 Camelot
P46 Sea Haze
P68 Snow Scrub Blanco
P69 Wolf Grey Stain
P70 Paris Rubbed White
Custom Finish

Ultra Finishes

U47 Layered Pueblo Brown
U48 Layered Spring Meadow
U49 Layered Carribean Blue
U50 Layered Quarry Stone
U51 Layered Misted Green
U52 Layered Parisian Yellow
U53 Faux Cameroon
U54 Faux Light Rosewood
U55 Faux Striped Mahogany
U56 Faux Oriental Wood
U57 Faux Maccasser Ebony
U58 Faux Madagascar
U59 Lightly Tarnished Silver
U60 Grecian Silver Leaf
U61 Antique Gold Leaf
U62 White Rubbed Gold Leaf
U63 Renaissance Gold Leaf
U64 Sharyn Gold Leaf
U65 Faux Coral Blue
U66 Faux Desert Brown
U67 Faux Quarry Grey
Custom Finish