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Getting Greener and Greener

European Beech & Sustainable Forests

Artistic Frame uses as our primary raw material in the manufacture of chair frames, PEFC-certified* Beech from sustainable-yield natural forests. Only a few trees per acre are taken for harvest under the toughest of European forestry laws. This extremely selective harvesting process follows guidelines that insist upon limiting the number of trees taken based on age, the rate of new growth, and ecological circumstances (animal nesting, fire-hazards, soil and plant conditions).

The Beech hard wood harvested in Germany and used by Artistic has been called the greenest material available in the manufacturing of furniture.

  • Availability: Europe has the highest percentage of temperate hardwoods available per cubic feet.
  • Sustainability: German forests have had the greatest percentage (over 4%) of increased regeneration in stock over the past 20 years.

Durability: The "close-grain" of German Beech, makes it one of the strongest, toughest, and longest lasting hardwoods available today.

  • Machining: Although a very strong wood, Beech wood has a high-grade in it's ability to be shaped, routed, joined, and can hold a fine edge.
  • Finishing: Consistent coloration and beautiful grain make Beech a practical surface to be finished in almost any style at hand.

* PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes)


Sofaworks cushions are Feather/Down with Latex Core

In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint, Artistic’s Sofaworks division upgraded our feather and down specification and made the change from Memory Foam core to Latex.

The same concerns expressed by clients over the mattresses they slept on came to play in the sofas they are lounging in. We heard from clients who said they spent more time on the sofa than in bed. Some worried about the memory foam's documented carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds. They expressed concerns that common petroleum based chemicals have been clearly shown to have the ability to weaken or damage the immune and nervous system.

So, we listened and made some changes. Our 100% all natural latex cores surrounded by feather and down are as pure a product you can find anywhere. They are environmentally friendly. Latex has a very long life cycle (some people say it lasts forever), is extremely comfortable, non-toxic, comes in various densities, and provides extraordinary support. 100% latex rubber is completely renewable; the rubber is drawn from the tree, and you don't have to kill the tree. And when it comes to upholstery, Feather and Down over a Latex core is as green as it gets. 

Alternative Soy Based Foam

When requested Artistic can replace Petroleum-based materials that are usually used in foam with soy, a plant based, renewable, raw material. These natural materials are durable and comfortable.

Furniture Life Cycle

Most furniture has a life span of seven years and then ends up on a curb, discarded and left to be forgotten. Artistic Frame chairs and sofas can last a lifetime and do! Many items have been handed down from generation to generation. With care and maintenance our chairs will last for as long as you plan to sit and enjoy them. Case studies of our furniture show that thousands of pieces placed in hotels a generation ago are typically resold at renovation.

Earn LEED® points with Artistic Frame
Artistic Frame continually works to preserve our ecosystem and restore natural resources during the manufacturing process. By adopting the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System, Artistic Frame helps to promote environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

How does Artistic earn LEED® points?

Artistic Frame contributes to LEED® credits under the Materials and Resources category. 

Materials and Resources

(Recycled Content, Regional Materials, and Certified Wood)

Credits 5.1 & 5.2 (2 LEED Points)

20% Manufactured locally / 50% Extracted Locally

Artistic Frame purchases materials from those companies within a 500-mile radius for our manufacturing facility. The lumber used to make Artistic furniture is also supplied by vendors within a 500-mile radius.


Credit 6.0 (1 LEED Point)

Rapidly Renewable Materials

Artistic Frame uses plywood that adheres to "Green" construction guidelines.


Credit 7.0 (1 LEED Point)

Certified Wood

Artistic Frame wood suppliers harvest wood from the Forest Stewardship Council Lands. Forest Lands serve an essential function in providing renewable raw materials and energy. Through this program, the lumber used to construct our furniture is replenished by planting new trees. Artistic Frame promotes the management and use of forests in ways that are ecological and socially sustainable.


Indoor Environmental Quality

(Meet or Exceed VOC Limits for Adhesives, Sealants, Paints, and Composite Wood Products)


Credit 4.4 (1 LEED Point)

Composite Wood

USGBC offers one LEED point for builders whose composite wood and agrifiber products do not contain added urea formaldehyde resins. To meet Indoor Environmental Quality standards, Artistic Frame offers furniture composed of formaldehyde-free plywood. This plywood uses no formaldehyde, so the finished boards do not emit any harmful fumes. Artistic Frame uses a UV finishing system that is 100% emission-free and waterborne sealer and topcoat that meet indoor Environmentally Quality requirements.

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